Homeschool Teacher Grade? D-

We began Week 4 of shelter in place/social distancing/self quarantine here in Colorado. We are on week two of e learning. I began this New Normal with all kinds of excitement. Finally, I’d have the chance to supplement Desta’s learning base with amazing books on African American heroes, math games and science crafts. THIS was going to be FUN home school dang it!

Today I realized a few things about MY GOALS.

#1. They were my goals. I don’t believe all members involved in this new e learning situation were on board. Oops.

#2. Completely changing how a student is taught has ripple effects. “That’s not how my teacher says to do it” has been a regular phrase in our home lately. I didn’t fully account for the grief over the way things were and are no longer impacted my student. Oops again.

#3. Introducing more work needs to be explained as not simply MORE WORK. I have a place in MY mind where I want my child to be come September 2020. That marker/goal in my mind is simply mine. I forgot to invite the actual student into the goal making. Oops a third time.

I saw this meme a week ago and it made me laugh out loud at the time. I’m no longer laughing.

If you’re like me, a TYPE A doer, you’ve been channeling all your extra energy and stress into the things you can DO. I am currently not working so my energy level is amped up. After walking and working out, there is only so much baking and cooking one can do.

I recognize what a gift I have right now; unfettered time to really sit with my daughter and be a learner with her. However, in the midst of all MY goal making, I’ve realized the stress I feel around unspoken expectations has created anxiety in me. It is not fair that I transfer that to her.

Today’s blog in summary is this. Parents, we are in unchartered waters right now. Perhaps learning is more showing at this time than doing. Perhaps the goals are good for some. But even more important than goal making is soul tending.

My conviction and question to myself today is this – In 10 years from now, how will she remember me and this time? MY goals seem a whole lot less important when I ponder that thought!

I do have a few resources that have brought JOY to our home. See my list below of ideas for non Mommy Goals goals.

Rightnow Media: Online Bible studies and videos

Explorer Magazine from Compassion: Crafts, international cooking lessons and fun games geared specifically for kids to do

Focus on the Family shows including Adventures in Odyssey

Story Online: Famous people read the BEST stories as well as provide activities and ideas for each book. Free stories for kids (and adults!) to listen to

Khan Academy: When you are DONE trying to understand math, let the videos give you a brief break.

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