New additions to the English Dictionary

The new normal. We now have some new words in our English dictionary. COVID_19 and social distancing. I, for one, am not too excited about either of those words.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had my job cancelled for the indefinite future. It is hard to travel internationally when all borders are closed and planes aren’t flying. My second job, a substitute teacher, has also been cancelled.

I’ve put on some new hats. Home school mom, camp counselor, craft extraordinaire, cooking instructor, at home fitness coach and therapist to name a few. While I’ve dabbled in all these roles before, they are now firmly on my head. The timeline? Unsure.

That is the word for this season. Uncertainty.

Do you feel that way? Everything you mapped and planned just went “poof.” For two of my children, the end of significant eras arrive in May without the fanfare and celebration we have been planning for months. My oldest, a senior, was born into the crazy world of 9/11. Here her class sits now, ending their high school career with e learning and social distancing through Zoom calls for their final days together.

The grief and mourning comes in waves. We are okay and then we are suddenly not. I find myself looking at pictures and wrestling with all the memories I want to celebrate with Caroline, in public, on a stage.

Yet I’m reminded of the proverbs I’ve been reading since January.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 19:21

Solomon experienced a lot in his lifetime. He was known as the wisest man. His words ring true today. Our family made a lot of plans. We were supposed to be on a cruise today; a culmination and celebration for Caroline’s high school journey.

While I believe COVID_19 was not caused by God, I do believe the Lord’s plans prevail. I’m unsure what is ahead for our family these next few weeks. I’m unsure when I’ll have the privilege of traveling again with our amazing Compassion sponsors. I trust that time will be soon.

But for now, at this moment, I must remember that my plans are simply that; MINE. I am working hard to hold loose to all things right now. I am working on gratitude and thankfulness; for we have A LOT in this season.

Perhaps join me. Keep a list of 10 things you are thankful for each day. Write them down. Date them. Let them be a reminder in years to come of how the Lord’s purposes prevailed in the midst of a pandemic.

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