Sacred words

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I was deeply convicted. I strongly believe that when words are spoken, particularly holy and sacred words, we must follow through with our actions.

There were five of us, stretching and making our way into the settling that happens before a yoga class. Snow blew outside while we sat in a heated and humid studio. Our instructor came in to a room filled with noon time energy. This week, the last one for January 2020, felt so long. In fact, the month felt endless we were all saying.

“Does anyone else feel this way?” our instructor asked. “Do you feel restless and anxious this week? Do you feel heavy and unbalanced? Is it just me?”

Then I spoke the words. “I was speaking with my son earlier this week, after the sudden shock of Kobe Bryant’s death filled our home. I told him that each day is a gift. While someone is fighting down death, begging for just another January day, I am complaining that February can’t get here soon enough.”

As I stretched, breathed and balanced the next hour, I filled my lungs and heart with those words “Each day is a gift.”

I began this new year, this new decade in a different manner than most years. Decades, literally, of staying home, putting myself to bed before the clock turns to midnight, had created a habit for me. I would settle into the new year without any fanfare.

This year Matt and I celebrated. It was a joyous and wonderful way to say “Welcome 2020!” We ate amazing food, drank grapes aged with time. We hiked and we slept. We talked and we dreamed. It was abundance.

Less than a week later I traveled to a new country, Mexico. I saw firsthand how simple things when added to a healthy and growing church can create HOPE for so many. Abundance.

Then I came home to a three day weekend. I came home to gray skies and hard things my children were processing. I came home to motherhood and living ordinary moments.

Somehow the gift of each day began to feel like drudgery. I’d wake up, journal, read and begin my day. The gym and yoga awaited and the driving and “lifing” carried on. BUT seeping into all this abundance I have was monotony and dissatisfaction.

Each day is a gift.

I have lost the truth of those 5 words. As I said them out loud today, I resolved to speak them regularly to myself. This life I live, it is a gift. We are not assured of anything beyond the breath we take. Rather than complain about the endless month January has been, I’ve resolved to review the endless blessings in each day I’ve been given.

Perhaps you needed to hear those words today. Maybe like me, the abundance of your life feels more like melancholy and ordinary. Gratitude and thankfulness are the antidote.

“…life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change.” Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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