It’s official….I have a NEW JOB….



It’s official!  I’m now an employee of Compassion International as an international trip leader.  Yes, you read that right.  I have the privilege of taking sponsors and church groups to visit Compassion Child Development Centers, meeting families, seeing the difference monthly giving makes, and experiencing the countries where their sponsored children live.  This is truly a dream job for me.

But how did I get here?  Ah….there is a back story – always is right?

For the past few years, I’ve chosen a word for the year.  As January rolled around, I had a word in mind but frankly was terrified to declare it out loud.

I had coffee with a friend that month and while sharing, I was moved to tell her the word given to me.


As I said it out loud, I knew in my heart that I had to believe that word was for me.

HOPE:  A feeling of trust; a feeling of expectation or desire for a certain thing to happen

Last year was hard.  It was filled with lots of doctor and therapist appointments (for Desta and ME!).  It was laden with schedules and busy driving.  Matt and I found ourselves wondering how we could manage it all – and were missing important pieces because the tyranny of the urgent always took precedence.  I entered Christmas with a half-hearted spirit and not much joy.  I was filled with despair and deep disappointment.

So HOPE was the last word I expected to pop in my heart as I began to contemplate 2018.

Since January, HOPE has become not just a word but an actual mentality for me. I’ve found it appearing in my life in so many ways.

My Children:  I have specific burdens and prayers for each of them.  I’ve committed to not only HOPING but writing down my hopes for them, praying that God will channel my heart towards the things he wishes for them.  Just recently I prayed specifically for Desta – that she would see her worthiness and stand up for herself with others.  She advocated for herself at school in a situation that in previous months would have created weeks of anxiety, anger and bitterness.   She is healing.

Around Christmas I was telling Matt how much I wanted and hoped that my international years and non-profit experiences would somehow be used.  I had the privilege of sharing about Africa with elementary students.  I figured that was where these skills would be used.  HOWEVER, bigger plans were in store for me.

This job at Compassion took several weeks of waiting.  I applied and waited. I interviewed and waited. I interviewed again and waited.  On the morning of my last interview, I sat at our dining room table and audibly spoke “God, if this is the job for me AND OUR FAMILY, I’ll know.”

That afternoon while walking the dog, I got a call from Compassion. “We’d like to offer you the job.”

I’m not saying my word for the year is a magic potion or that everything I speak or want will happen.  HOWEVER, I am learning, SLOWLY, that as I speak and write words of HOPE, my desires and dreams begin to align with a bigger story.

I am so excited to begin this journey with Compassion.  This nonprofit has been a part of our lives since we got married almost 20 years ago.  I have seen, FIRSTHAND, the life changes for both our sponsored child AND us.  The letters over years of time, the visits, the pictures, the prayers and the stories – these are the things that have eternal consequences.



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