Disguised in plain sight

I had an interesting experience this morning.  I walked into the dry cleaners around 7 in my usual morning uniform — Buff on head, no make up, work out clothes and my big puffy winter coat.  Caroline had a dress issue and I needed to get it resolved before her dance on Saturday.

For the next 20 minutes I had a great conversation with all the dry cleaners.  They worked hard to help me and at the end of the day, didn’t charge me a cent (Go Summit Cleaners!) It was taking longer than they thought so I left the store, headed to the gym and worked out.  I took a shower and dressed and went back to Summit to get the dress.

I walked in and was welcomed with a “Hi, how can I help you?”  I though it was strange as I’d been there just 2 hours before.  I gave the kind man my slip and he looked down at my name, up at my face and back down at my name.

Then with WIDE eyes, he exclaimed, “Oh, you were the one with the dress.”

I know I don’t look like a super model (ever) but I thought I looked rather cute in my workout no make up attire.  Perhaps my assumption was a bit off base because this poor guy didn’t even recognize me.  Good to know I can disguise myself with a simple hair drying and make up application.  Go me!


Melody Headed TO the gym


Melody AFTER the gym

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