Do you feel forgotten?


We’ve had incredibly strong winds in Colorado Springs over the past few days.  I mean, blow over semis on the interstate type wind.  It’s been relentless and formidable. Honestly I haven’t wanted to venture out too much as it just keeps coming.  Things have calmed down this afternoon and the sun is out.  It’s calm relative to what we’ve just been through.

The wind got me thinking of various times in my life where I felt like things would never stop.  When I was pregnant with Caroline, calamities kept coming.  First was bleeding and miscarriage scare. Then the ceiling in our second floor collapsed (flood).  While Matt was at his friend’s wedding in Florida, I severely cut my foot on garden metal sheeting. The final straw – 9/11.

Fast forward to later years…I remember feeling completely assaulted by trouble as we wrestled with money, or the lack thereof.  I felt overwhelmed with how decisions we had made were now negatively affecting us.  That lasted for almost 4 years.  It seemed relentless and unforgiving.

Parenthood often feels like a big windstorm.  We work so hard to do the right thing, be the right parent, teach the right stuff.  Instead of a calm and peaceful household, we instead have added conflict, frustration and anger at times.

A group of ladies and I are starting to read through Genesis and Matthew. No help aids, no study books, no videos to watch – just simply reading and discussing.


I’ve been knee deep in Noah’s world the past few days.  Funny how you can read a story over and over and still find something new.  For me, it was Genesis 8:1

“But God remembered Noah….”

Poor guy – 600 years old and in a boat with his kids and several hundred animals for a YEAR!  Yep, 365 days of relentless wind, assaulting rain, gray skies and no ability to run on dry ground.  I certainly hope yoga was practiced back then because Noah boy needed some zen in his life!

I can only surmise how he must have felt around day 350.  I’m sure he was SO OVER IT and wondering when everything would grow calm.  I’m pretty sure he had a few choice words for his people and his God.

I also am pretty darn sure he felt abandoned in the midst of the storm.  Did he do the right thing? Would God come through? What the heck was he going to do with all those freakin animals?  The food had gotten really monotonous and the company was getting old.

BUT GOD REMEMBERED HIM! And God remembers me. He remembers you.  We are not forgotten in the midst of the hard times,  in the center of howling wind and black despair.  He might take some time to show his presence but he’s been there and will be there.



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