It’s been a whirlwind weekend.  Five sport’s games, one birthday, and high school Homecoming.  For those who have not yet stepped their toe into high school, get ready. Homecoming week is no joke and if your daughter is on Student Council, it’s a solid week of late nights, early mornings and your entire weekend – GONE!

When my kids were little, I used to moan about how mundane and ordinary our life appeared.  It was filled with routine – up at 6, breakfast, play, nap, and so forth.  Parents, you all know the drill.  It’s a tedious and tiring haul.

Now that my little kids are big, there are many weekends when I sentimentally look back at those early years and wish I’d soaked in them a bit more.  I don’t want to go back in time but I’d love to visit every so often.


This weekend Tobin turned 12.  It’s true when they say once that baby is in your arms, your heart feels like it could burst.  It’s also true that the longer your children are in your lives, the bigger that love gets.  This boy and his heart is something I fiercely pray that God guards and protects.  He was born with a unique gift of tender care for people, hilarious humor and empathy that is as deep as the ocean.  We call him our O+ kid – he gets along with everyone.


This weekend Desta and her soccer team had two games. This girl, when focused, can boot a ball like nobody’s business.  It’s been such a joy to watch her name be called to play and hear a loud and joyous, “yes” each time she sprints out on the field.  Her fast Ethiopian blood runs deep in her veins and she is all over the field!



This weekend Caroline had her first high school Homecoming.  All week she’s been working hours with her Student Council group to prepare.  It was so fun to watch her transform from her daily Coloradan wear of Birks and flannels to this graceful and lovely woman.  I watched her take photos with her friends, eat Chick Fil a all dressed up and head off to dance.

Mamas of littles, hang on, because the life ahead of you will be busier and richer and fuller than you imagined.  The mundane and ordinary will seem like a blur.  And try, as you’ve heard a thousand million times, to enjoy the simplicity of these days.

Mamas of olders like me, soak in the trillion little seconds you get with your bigger kids. Because, if you’re like me, sometimes the constant busy wears you down.  You feel more exhausted than you ever though.  Your worry meter starts spiking every hour instead of every few days.  BUT you also get the reward of seeing these little babies your heart thought would burst when you first hold them – these babies are now growing up to be amazing people.


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