Why do you run?


Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my favorite things EVER is to run on the Sante fe Trail.  There are literally miles of trail that wind you through all kinds of Colorado Spring goodness.  Lace up the shoes and out I go.

So naturally in conversations, the topic of running comes up when outdoor activities are discussed.  Invariably, if I’m taking to most people, I hear the phrase, “I hate to run.”

Want to know a secret?  About 90% of the time I hate to run too.

I hate the actual running bit, especially if I’m headed up a hill, huffing and puffing after a few days of not running. I hate the way my legs feel in the first 2 miles of my run, like they are carrying solid lead.  I hate how my butt refuses to stay put, instead sloshing all over the place. I hate when my leggings are constantly pulling, creating chafing and awkward tugs.  It’s a battle, almost every single time I head out for a run to actually RUN.


However, I LOVE how I feel AFTER a run.  My mind is clear, my thoughts are fresh.  My body has heaved out all the toxins and left rich oxygen in its place.  I feel strong and my soul is renewed.

The actual act of running is a battle. The benefits of running keep me at it day after day.

That’s my life a lot of times.  I make goals and lay out plans. I have places to go and people to take care of.  The actual life, the living bit, that is hard people!  I struggle with self doubt, I wrestle with wondering “Have I done enough?  Am I doing it right?”  I find myself slogging and pushing and just wishing it would be easier.

HOWEVER, when I stick with it – whether it be eye to eye contact when talking, staying up late to listen, breathe in/breathe out patience with an out of control child – when I do the hard work, the benefits are rewarding.

I breathe out chaos and chatter and breathe in felt safety and calmness.  I run out aggression and fear and welcome in peace and love.

Running teaches me lessons, EVERY SINGLE RUN, about my life.  Running helps me feel, to my very core, that working hard and staying with it benefits me in every aspect of my life.

I don’t love running.

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