This Summer…

At church the other night, we were informed that school starts in 29 days.  NOOOOOOOO!!!

I am NOT ready for the summer to end.  I’m not ready for schedules and driving and school notices.  I’m not ready for three NEW schools, including HIGH SCHOOL. I’m not prepared for a certain child’s driving career to commence. I’m not excited, at all, about planning crock pot meals and making school lunches.

This summer has been a gift.  It’s been my first summer in 7 years that I’ve not worked.


It’s been filled with mini vacations, camping expeditions, sports camps and lots of time at the local pool.




I’ve dived headlong into making almost exclusively vegetarian meals for the entire family.


We’ve lived off summer’s fruit and vegetable bounties. Our days have been filled with library runs and hikes, walks in the neighborhood and board games.




The yelling and fighting has been kept at bay (not sure the magic pill for this one but I’m not complaining!).  This 2016 Colorado summer has been filled with blessing.


For a brief short moment, I just want time to stop.  I want to soak in the ages of our kids – the wonderment of a 7 year old who finds a tic tac to board in a tree stump while hiking.  The fervor and zest an 11 year old boy has for his beloved Eagle Lake Camp.  The growth and deep conversations 3 weeks away from us, free of all media has given our 14 year old.




Life will move forward but I keep always, in the back of my head, the lesson yoga taught me so many years ago.  I cannot have the minute back that just went by, I cannot be promised the minute ahead.  I only have the minute at hand, the breath at this very moment.  So live in the moment.

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