Urgent need for change

One of my favorite things to do is score a deal.  I LOVE consignment stores and Good Will. I am a sucker for a tag that says “50% off” or more.  I constantly find myself wanting a change.

I’ve been thinking about where this need for rotation/change/”out with the old, in with the new” came from.  I am married to the exact opposite of “constant change.”  Matt was born and raised in the same house, the same town, the same everything.  Over the course of our married life, he’s put up with my constant cleaning out, organizing and reinventing.  He’d much prefer to just let it all stay put–in fact, when we moved to Florida for two years, living in his childhood home, we gave away about 10 bags of stuff from his bedroom alone!  Things that he’d collected over the years that were there for safekeeping.

There is nothing wrong with either way of doing things.  For Matt, he is able to dig up some great treasures from the past, quickly recalling a story of some incident.  For me, I’m able to move through my house with ease, knowing exactly where everything is as I’ve just cleaned it out about a week ago.

My need for constant change comes from living a life of moving. As a missionary kid, we moved every three years. For a lot of missionary kids, that’s long-term people!  Some of my friends moved annually. When I went to boarding school, we had to pack up our entire room, store it all and move to a new room every three months!  I am a pro at packing–just saying!

For me, it’s easy to feel discontent when life settles down to a steady, predictable pace.  I look at my closet and immediately start taking apart what I wear and don’t wear, selling it and getting new stuff.  Same goes for furniture rearrangement.  In fact, on Saturday I had our entire bedroom in disarray when Matt returned from Denver after a day of soccer.


When discontent hits, I immediately want to change and fix and move and discard. Sometimes that’s what needs to be done. If it’s a bad habit or a negative relationship, immediate attention is required!  However, most of my issues stem from an urgent need to just do something different.


As I work through the WHY behind the WHAT, I have to give myself permission to sit in the moment.

contentment 1

I’m learning is that there are times to sit quietly with what I have, and times to strive and work towards something else.  The key, I believe, to this whole thing is to be thankful for where I’m at.


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