say hello to mundane

It was a very slow, mundane Spring Break.  I had wrapped up working, traveled to Ohio to celebrate my grandfather’s life and came back to snow, storms and cold!


The kids, overall, did pretty well.  The complaining was kept to a minimum and we all managed to find a project or two to complete.

My large “to do” list, started almost four years ago stares at me–and I’ve begun tackling the small items.

Today is the first day of “back to school.”  For me, it’s the official first day of “post working mom” life.  I keep thinking I should mark it with something–you know, an Ebenezer stone. Yet all I come up with is routine–wash the dishes, walk the dog, take kids to school, hit the gym, walk the dog, make dinner, walk the dog, get kids and head to soccer practice.


To the average onlooker, my life probably appears predictable, if not boring.  To me, this is the life I’ve been longing for the past 7 years.  I like systems and routine, mundane repetition and most importantly, space. It’s in that wide open space that I can be present with myself.  I have longed for long moments to just sit and read, journal and reflect.  I’ve desired pockets of time to imagine and create.

20160327_152950964_iOSSo bring on the mundane and routine.  I’ll be happy to say good-bye to the cold and snow but a slower pace of life, please stay!

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