The magic of beginnings

journey quote

It’s magical – A new beginning, a chapter turned, a new blog.  

For the past seven years, I’ve been a working mom.  Juggling three kids and a spouse’s work schedule alongside mine has been a true growing experience. It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve done in life.  Some days I’ve done it really well. Other days I’ve gotten an F.

Over the past few months we’ve realized that I need to step back and move to a new journey – stay at home.

I’ve been here before. I’ve done the stay at home thing. I’ve done it well– really well. And just like with working, I’ve earned some pretty stellar A+’s as well as a few big fat F’s.

Idealistically I have a lot of great thoughts of what that looks like to be home again.  I also know the things I’m giving up to do this will create some pain.

Just as Full Circle was started as an online journal to share our adoption journey, this blog is my online journey to share the lessons learned from working and the new road ahead.

Thanks for coming alongside me as I start something new.


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